Turquoise and Gold Store Opening
Turquoise and Gold Store Opening
Purani Jeans Music Launch
Purani Jeans Music Launch
God picked up a flower and dipped it in a DEW;
Lovingly touched it which turned in to you;
And the He gifted to me and said, "this friend is for you"!
Pinky: I told him he mustn't see me any more.
Her friend Guddi: Well, what did he do?
Pinky: He turned off the lights!
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Picture SMS 49534
Umeed To Manzil Pe Pohnchnay Ki Bari Thi;
Taqdeer Magar Janay Kaha Soi Padi Thi;
Khush Thay K Guzarein Gey Rafaqat Mein Saffr Ab;
Tanhai Magar Baahon Ko Phir Kholay Khadi Thi!
Unke Dekhe Se Jo Aa Jaati Hai Munh Par Raunaq;
Woh Samajhte Hain Ke Beemaar Ka Haal Achcha Hai!
Bon Appetit!!!
Santa was spending some of his hard-earned cash on a luxury cruise and was given a table with a Frenchman.

At their first meal together, the Frenchman said, "Bon appetit!"

Before the next meal commenced the performance was repeated.

"Bon appetit," said the Frenchman.

"Santa Ji," replied Santa.

After this had happened at every meal for three days, Santa was getting fed up, and told a fellow traveller about it.

"He tells me his name is Bon Appetit and I tell him my name is Santa, and then at the next meal, we start all over again."

The fellow traveller laughed and explained to Santa that the Frenchman was not introducing himself and that 'Bon appetit' meant "Good appetite", or "I hope that you enjoy your meal!"

Santa breathed a sigh of relief on receiving this information. Next morning, at breakfast, Santa greeted the Frenchman, "Bon appetite."

The Frenchman nodded politely and said, "Santa Ji."