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Couple In Car
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Charity Fashion Show of Smile Foundation
Charity Fashion Show of Smile Foundation
Stars Spotted 2014
Stars Spotted 2014
Easter eggs! Easter eggs!
Give to him that begs!
For Christ the Lord is arisen.
To the poor, open door,
something give from your store!
For Christ the Lord is arisen!
Happy Easter!
When husband breaks a glass.
Wife: Break everything. Break all these bottles... break the kitchen... break the house... just break everything!
And when wife breaks a glass.
Wife: Who kept this glass here?
Picture SMS 49627
Picture SMS 49642
Ishq Qaatil Say Bhi, Maqtool Say Hamdardi Bhi;
Yeh Bta Kis Say Mohabbat Ki Jaza Mangay Ga;
Sajda Khaaliq Ko Bhi, Iblees Say Yarana Bhi;
Hashr Mein Kis Say Aqeedat Ka Sila Mangay Ga!
Jab Tak Ham Masroof Rahe Yeh Dunya Thi Sunsaan;
Din Dhalte Hi Dheyaan Mein Aye Kaise-Kaise Log!
The Indian Farmer
An Indian farmer walking through his field notices a foreigner drinking water from a pond, with his hand.

The Farmer shouts, "Woh paani mat peena. Usmein gayein, bhains or suwar nahate hain, potty karte hain, sussu karte hain! (which means, Don't drink that water, the cows, the buffaloes and the pigs shit and pee in it!)"

The man shouts back, "I'm a foreigner, I don't understand your bloody gibberish. Speak English, you bloody Indian idiot!"

The farmer shouts back in English, "Use two hands dude, you can drink more!"