Can I marry her legally?
Hi... I love a girl..and she also loves me a lot but problem is that she is my distance cousin. Now let me explain the relationship of me with her. She is my mother`s cousin brothers daughter. (In detail: my grandfather from mothers side and her grandfather were real brothers. Basically my mothers real chaha. In that way she`s my cousin.) Now comming to question : is it possible for me to marry her legally by the law ? If i elope with her, after that is there any possibility that our parents can by any means turn our marriage void. I have studied the hindu marriage act and as per that we don`t come under the prohibited relationship but i`m not sure about sapinda relation. Please advice.
Hi! I believe you`ve got sound advice on this query. There`s no need to think of anything as drastic as eloping. Legally, there`s nothing stopping you from marrying your second cousin. However, if you think your families may oppose the match, then that`s another thing altogether and in that case, you would have to think of some other strategy to convince them.

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