Husband couldn`t care less!
i dont know where to start from but here it goes its been nearly 3 months i am having irregular periods which disturbed me alt and my husband not been supportive at all. every responsibility is mine looking after kids, his mother. doing house chores and doing shopping in that condition which i think its not good for my health on the top i have had flu for a week and hes not bothered at all.all he do is sits in the house he has been jobless from 3 months and hes not bothered to look for job. now he said if you cant do those house work i`ll bring other wife who can look after me, kids and his mother and i can leave the house.
Well, it may be rather more difficult for him to find another wife who will agree to look after him, his mom, his kids and deal with his joblessness. So, that`s the least of your worries. What you do need to think about is how to deal with the lack of money and support. Are you an educated person? Think of how you can be independent and manage to earn some money to support yourself rather than depending on what your husband is doling out to you. There are always options if you look for them....

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