Is it wrong for a virgin to hope for a virgin?
I chose to never date/have sex. Is it bad to hope for someone who has had lived a similar lifestyle and life? To have sex you need to either stay away from parents by choice, lie to them if you`re with them, sneak out, go to some friends PG or rent a room etc. I never lived that lifestyle... is it bad to hope for someone who has lived a simple school/college/office to home and back to school/college/office lifestyle? I see a lot of people bashing people like me because I guess nowadays its cool n hip to get laid. Im not discriminating against them... why are they disrespecting my views?
Hi! No one is disrespecting your views here,I hope! Coming to your query, well, you can hope for anything, life exists on hope. But its not really an eye for an eye situation here. Nor is it mandatory that if you find a girl who has not had intercourse, the relationship that follows will be superlative! But, yes, you can hope.....no harm in that! There is one thing however, all the people who have had pre-marital sex, need not have done the exact same thing as you are judging them by. Yes, many people are irresponsible, but many are consenting adults who carefully and responsibly weigh the pros and cons of their choices. As I said, there really are no absolutes.

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