My girlfriend is fat. Please help
I am dating a girl. We both are each others first relationship. I am 28 she is 27. I do like her a lot. The only problem is that I am very disciplined and fit... but she is fat. She and I are the same weight actually. Although they say that looks dont matter... but I do have some specific physical preferences... which I shouldnt be ashamed of having right? Please help... how do I communicate this to her... I do hint at it here and there without sounding disrespectful. And maybe she gets it too.... but I can be very honest... that weight thing is such a big deal that it cant overshadow the personality of hers that I love. You may say... what if a beautiful slim wife gets fat after marriage. But then I wouldve had some hot time with a slim wife right? I do not turned on by her looks.
Hi! Extra weight on anyone`s body is no good. Even the person concerned would feel better with a fitter body- more confidant and certainly more healthy. So, you can work out a fitness regime for the both of you, where you can do a diet and exercise routine together. communicating to her that you are concerned about her health and would help her getting a fitter body, should not be detrimental to your relationship- as long as you say it in a positive manner and not as a criticism as to the way she looks.

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