Pari highlights Delhi's smog in her inimitable style

Bollywood News15 Nov 02:09 PM
Pari highlights Delhi's smog in her inimitable style
Wednesday, November 15, 2017 14:09 IST
By JD Ghai

The top celebrities of Bollywood have a hectic schedule and they can't really be choosy when it comes to selecting their destinations to promote or shoot for their movies. As a Hobson's choice, Delhi NCR is on their itinerary every now or then. And when you have your family home in Delhi, this place requires regular visits.

So what's the problem? It is smog and a lot of it, and it refuses to provide any respite to the mortal souls. The only alternative is to use an anti-pollution mask. And when you are a celebrity like Parineeti Chopra, you can simply do it in style and convey a message to your followers which are really huge in number. On the last count, she had more than 11 million Instagram followers.

In the above picture, she is wearing a mask and in her own words, her experience is Smog. Shop. Shoot. Repeat. We wish it rains soon and the smog vanishes like thin smoke from the skies of Delhi.

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