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Two Crocodiles were sitting by the side of the swamp near the river.The smaller one turned to the bigger one and said, "I can't understand how you can be so much bigger than me. We're the same age. We were the same size as kids. I just don't get it."

"Well," said the big Croc, "What have you been eating?"

"Generals, same as you," replied the small Croc.

"Hmm. Well, where do you catch them?"

"Down the other side of the swamp near the parking lot by the HQ Building."

"Same here. Hmm. How do you catch them?"

"Well, I crawl up under one of their staff cars and wait for one to unlock the car door. Then I jump out, grab them by the leg, shake the shit out of them and eat 'em!"

"Ah!" says the big Crocodile, "I think I see your problem. You're not getting any real nourishment. See, by the time you finish shaking the shit out of a General, there's nothing left but an asshole and a briefcase!"
Honeymoon Par Gaye Mr and Mrs Kumar Ne Hotel Mein Entry Li.

Wife Sofe Par Baith Gayi Aur Uska Husband Counter Par Room Book Karne Chala Geya. Waha Counter Par Ek Ladki Mini Skirt Mein Khadi Thi.

Room Mein Aakar Husband Ne Wife Se Kaha, "Woh Jo Ladki Counter Par Khadi Thi Woh Call Girl Thi."

Wife,"Nahi Ji Ye Unka Uniform Hota Hai Aap Toh Kuch Bhi Samajh Lete Ho."

Mr and Mrs Kumar Mein Bahas Ho Gayi Aur Shart Lag Gayi.

Husband Ne Wife Ko Parde Ke Peeche Chhupa Diya Aur Ladki Ko Bulaya Aur Puchha, "Main Akela Hun Aaj Raat Mere Sath Rukogi?"

Ladki Boli, "2000 Charge Karungi."

Husband: 200 Dunga.

Aur Ladki Gussa Ho Kar Chali Gayi Aur Husband Shart Jeet Geya.

Phir Sham Ko Mr and Mrs Kumar Restaurant Mein Baithe Hue The, Toh Us Ladki Ne Door Se Unhe Dekha Aur Paas Aakar Boli, "200 Rs Mein Toh Aisi Hi Milegi!"
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